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Techniques - Bibliography

This bibliography presents useful books I've used since I began learning sculpture and that I still have on my bookshelves. There are different kinds of books, from technical manual to novel, but they all are useful or inspiring. When possible, I tried to present the english versions of the books, if you wish to see the french ones, just swap the language of the website.
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Technical books about sculpture

Sculpture : Méthode et vocabulaire, Collectif, Collection Principes d'analyse scientifique, Editions du Patrimoine

Sculpture : Méthode et vocabulaire
Collection Principes d'analyse scientifique
Editions du Patrimoine

A reference book of about 800 pages on the techniques of sculpture, about modelling, molding or size. Without forgetting a very complete lexicon at the end of the book about the technical terms of sculpture. Essential!





La Sculpture - Toutes  Les Techniques, Philippe Clérin, Dessain et Tolra

La Sculpture - Toutes Les Techniques
Philippe Clérin
Dessain et Tolra

A work of very complete on the techniques of sculpture, about modelling, molding or size.

Technical books about stone

Sculpture in Stone, Cami et Santamera

Sculpture in Stone
Cami et Santamera
Barron's Educational Series

A practical guide to working in stone fully illustrated. It shows in a very understandable way how to use tools, wich steps to proceed and the different technics of stone sculpture.






Essai de Nomenclature  des Carrières Françaises de Roches, Le Mausolée

Essai de Nomenclature des Carrières Françaises de Roches
Le Mausolée

The only work to my knowledge which established an exhaustive list of stone extraction quarries in France, but attention this book is quite old and thus certain informations are not up to date (concerning the closures of careers in particular).






Technical books about clay

La sculpture en terre, Philippe Clérin, Dessain et Tolra

La sculpture en terre
Philippe Clérin
Dessain et Tolra

A very complete book centered on the techniques of the sculpture in clay, modelling, molding, armatures, decorations, etc.






The Workshop Guide to Ceramics, Duncan Hooson and Anthony Quinn, Barron's Educational Series

The Workshop Guide to Ceramics
A Fully Illustrated Step-by-Step Manual: Techniques and Principles of Design

Duncan Hooson and Anthony Quinn
Barron's Educational Series

A very complete book about ceramic techniques and how-to, this book is a reference for students as well as experts. It describes materials, processes, tools, forming techniques, surface decoration, firing, glazes, and design of ceramic objects of all kinds.




Le Manuel du potier, Kenneth Clark, Atelier

Le Manuel du potier : L'Ouvrage de référence pour tous les potiers
Kenneth Clark

A reference book for all the techniques of turning, ceramic and decorations.






The Big Book of Ceramics, Joaquim  Chavarria

The Big Book of Ceramics
Joaquim Chavarria

An exhaustive introduction to ceramics, all the materials, equipment, and techniques of the craft are presented clearly and accessibly, accompanied by hundreds of color photographs and schematic drawings.

Technical books about wood

Sculptures sur bois, Gilles Perrault, Henri Vial

Sculptures sur bois
Techniques traditionnelles et modernes

Gilles Perrault
Henri Vial

A very complete and fascinating book on the wood, to acquire a large knowledge on essences, tools, techniques and more...





The Complete Manual of Woodworking, Albert Jackson et David Day, Knopf

Guide du bois, de la menuiserie et de l'ébénisterie
Albert Jackson et David Day

A reference book with detailed informations on every woodworking technique.






Anatomy for artists

Human Anatomy for Artists, Szunyoghy et Fehér

Human Anatomy for Artists
Szunyoghy et Fehér
H.F.Ullmann Publishing

A reference book for human anatomy. Beatiful and very accurate drawings about skeleton, muscles and how they work.






Cyclopedia Anatomicae, Szunyoghy et Fehér

Cyclopedia Anatomicae
More Than 1,500 Illustrations of the Human and Animal Figure for the Artist

Szunyoghy et Fehér
Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers

An essential guide to mastering the fundamentals of anatomical drawing of humans as well as animals. Detailed, fully annotated illustrations of the skeletal, joint, and muscular systems.





Artistic Anatomy, Dr Paul Richer et  Robert Beverly Hale

Artistic Anatomy
Dr Paul Richer et Robert Beverly Hale

A great book about human anatomy, a reference from the nineteenth century translated from french to english. A lot of very interresting texts an a useful part about movement.






Dynamic Anatomy, Burne Hogarth

Dynamic Anatomy
Burne Hogarth
Watson-Guptill Publications

A very interesting book about anatomic drawing by the creator of Tarzan. If Hogarth's drawing can be discussed, the way he's deconstructiong anatomy into simple shapes is very interresting and can easily be used for sculpture, even when working on very complicated postures.


Texts about sculpture

Sculpture: Processes and Principles, Rudolf Wittkower, Penguin Books

Sculpture: Processes and Principles
Rudolf Wittkower
Penguin Books

A fascinating book on the history of the stone sculpture through ages, techniques, inspirations...







L'Art, Auguste Rodin, Les Cahiers rouges, Grasset

Auguste Rodin
Les Cahiers rouges

Collection of conversations of Rodin on the sculpture, its work and the work of other important sculptors. A very beautiful and fascinating text.





Faire avec ses mains ce que l'on voit, Auguste Rodin, Mille et une nuits

Faire avec ses mains ce que l'on voit
Auguste Rodin
Mille et une nuits

Collection of texts of Rodin on the sculpture, the beauty, the modernity and so on... A very beautiful and fascinating text.






History of sculpture

Écrire la sculpture, Mouquin et Barbillon, Citadelles et Mazenod

Écrire la sculpture
De l'antiquité à Louise Bourgeois

Mouquin et Barbillon
Citadelles et Mazenod

A magnificent book splendidly illustrated which puts in face to face the biggest sculptures and the literary texts that they inspired. A unique book, source of permanent artistic and literary delight.





La sculpture, Collectif, Taschen

La sculpture
De l'antiquité au XXe siècle


A reference book on the sculpture through ages, numerous images and interesting texts.






Qu'est-ce-que la sculpture aujourd'hui ?, Collectif, Beaux Arts Éditions

Qu'est-ce-que la sculpture aujourd'hui ?
Beaux Arts Éditions

An original book which reviews the contemporary sculpture and the big names attached to it. Articles of the beginning on the evolution of the sculpture in the XXth century are fascinating, the presentations of contemporary artists which follow sometimes a little bit boring.





The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo, Irving Stone

The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo
Irving Stone
Reissue edition

An inspiring novel, full of passion and sculpture, about the life of Michelangelo. The reader shares this great artist's life and his passion for stone sculpture. My advice is to keep in reach an art book with Michelangelo's artworks to complete the novel.





Pietra viva, Léonor de Récondo, Sabine Wespieser

Pietra viva
Léonor de Récondo
Sabine Wespieser

Another novel on Michel Ange's life, this one centered on his love for the marble with the story of a stay in Carrare which forces him to plunge into his souvenirs.






Une femme, Camille Claudel, Anne Delbée, Fayard

Une femme, Camille Claudel
Anne Delbée

The biography which revealed Camille Claudel's extraordinary life, very beautiful book which rehabilitates a sculptor with a tragic life and a work of a rare power and a visionary originality.





Internet websites

Sculpture matières techniques

Sculpture matières techniques

Website dedicated to the sculpture under all its forms, an inexhaustible source of advice and discussions around the sculpture. All the materials, all the techniques and all the trends are approached.







Anatomy 4 sculptors

Anatomy 4 sculptors

Site dedicated to the anatomy for the sculptors proposing free informations, maybe a little basic, but useful and various, it would be a pity to go without it!

You will find boards on the various parts of human the body, as well as videos, 3D animations and photos of models.




Carrières de pierre

Carrières de pierre

List of the quarries of stones in France, in Belgium and in Spain.

Quarries are classified by region and by department in France. A special page also lists quarries of stone in Belgium and in Spain.





Carrières de pierre

Carrières de pierre

List of the quarries of stones in France.

Quarries are classified in different categories : Limestone, Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Schist and volcanic stones.







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