Credits - Credits


The legal notices, the credits and my special thanks to all those who help me in the realization of my sculptures, the handling or the communication.


Realisation of the website: Brune Somogyi

Texts and translations: Brune Somogyi

Photographies of the artworks: Jérôme Bourgeois

Legal notices

Owner of the website

Brune Somogyi
17, rue Oberkampf - 75011 Paris
Siret number: 791 385 354 00018
Maison des artistes number: S667579


Domain name and website hosting


Special thanks

Thanks to Dominique Rivaux, Eugène N'Sonde and Philippe André for welcoming me into their workshops and their priceless help while realizing sculptures.

Thanks to Alexandra and Françoise for doing my paper book.

Thanks to Michel for proofreading the texts of the website about sculpture techniques.

Thanks to Armand, Michel, Amandine, Bachir, François (and all the others...) for all the pictures taken during the vernissages and events which you can see in the Photo galleries part of the website.

Thanks to Emmanuel, Michel, Alexandra, Stéphanie, Delphine, Guillaume and Armand for furnishing materials, for their logistical supportand their enthusiasm.

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