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To order postcards, please fill in the order form below and accompany it with your payment by check.

The approach

I always liked artistic postcards, because it allows, for a limited cost, to keep the image of a much liked or interesting work. I generally pin them in my home for the pleasure to see them every day, but also as a source of inspiration.
On the other hand, the cards you can buy in shops, postcards, gift cards or greeting cards, are often not very interesting.

These are the reasons why I thought that, as me, you would appreciate to be able to find cards of the sculptures you like.

I also thank you in advance for the support your order will bring to my activity of sculpture!

Price of the cards

The dimensions of each card are approximately 4 x6 in, their price is 4€ each.
The cards are printed on a high quality paper, white Invercote G 330g. Each card weight approximately 5g.

The price includes the card, a white enveloppe fitting the size of the card (approximately 4.4x6 in), both protected by a transparent cellophane bag.

For each order of 10 cards, you will have a 10% reduction (which correspond to a card for free).

How to order?

To order, fill the order form below, be careful to indicate your address (first name, last name, delivery address, e-mail), print it and send it to the following address:

Brune Somogyi
17, rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris


The order form will have to be accompanied with your payment by check ordered to Brune Somogyi.

As soon as I will recieve these elements, I will send the cards by mail.

Expedition and shipping costs

The cards are sent to european countries only by mail whithin a week.

If you wish an shipping out of Europe, you can contact me at the address:


The cards are sent in a stiff bound envelope and accompanied with an invoice to the name and address indicated in the form.


Table of shipping costs according to the weight of the order:


Number of cardsWeightCost
Up to 8 cards< 100 g2 €
Up to 21 cards< 250 g5 €
Up to 49 cards< 500 g8 €
More than 50 cards< 2 kg14 €

Order form

Please take care to fill correctly your address to assure the good reception of your order.


First name*:

Last name*:

E-mail address*: (to contact you if any problem with your order)


Zip code*:




Be aware that the order form only concerns shippings to european countries, for other countries, you can contact me at the address


CardPrice per unitNumber of unitsPrice
Du désir...43Du désir...4 €
Intimité42Intimité4 €
(R)évolution39(R)évolution4 €
Le vent se lève36Le vent se lève4 €
Gaïa35Gaïa4 €
Morphogenèse30Morphogenèse4 €
Pierre de rêve28Pierre de rêve4 €
Régate23Régate4 €
Horus noir22Horus noir4 €
Larmes amères9Larmes amères4 €
Shipping costs  
Réduction for each order of 10 cards- 4 € -


If you wish a model not appearing in this list, you can contact me at the address:



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