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Biography - Artistic proceed

I have a lot of sources of inspiration from artistic or nature sources. In my work I like to follow the material I work on to reveal shapes and elements within it.
I work on direct cut on stone and wood. I also work on clay. My creations are between figurative and abstract inspirations and show my research on volumes, shapes and light.
I work on various thematics and subjects in a constant reseach of quality, emotion and beauty.


My artistic approach gets along with the pleasure of the discovery of materials, techniques, volumes, every potential subject of sculpture. For me every stone, every piece of wood represents a new adventure, and often a new challenge, my approach is by definition in a constant evolution. I do not try to adapt my sculptures and my subjects to my style or to my approach, but rather to find in every project the sculpture I want to realize, which de facto will join the natural evolution of my work.

I am very keen of the properties of the material I work. I am especially interested in the stone, which I work in direct cut only, because of the abilities it requires and the challenge linked to its structure : shape, lines of force, variation of the hardness and the tints, it is necessary to confront to but also to know how to compose with to keep its mystery. This reflection is essential in my work because it is from the passion of the materials that my passion for sculpture came from.


I do not look for direct inspiration for my works, I like letting go my spirit. I surround myself in my workshop with blocks of stone and pieces of wood that I see every day. Then I let my spirit feed on what surrounds me, moves me or interests me. Of course I collect all kinds of art through exhibitions, museums, books etc. I think that the cohabitation in my spirit of these seen things and the details of the blocks in my workshop finally make appear, often as I expect it least, an image or a shape which leads me to the idea of the sculpture.

I begin generally a work with a rather clear idea of what I wish to realize in a specific piece of stone or wood and this idea will guide me throughout the work. However, and it is important in direct size, I am guided by the materiel I'm working on to adapt gradually my idea to the peculiarities of the block.

Sometimes in front of a block I like but I don't get any precise idea of subject, I let myself create volumes freely with my tools in search of the forms and the colors of the stone. It is an approach which creates a lot of happiness because it allows to follow totally the material, the volumes and the forms of the sculpture.


I work generally only with hammer and manual tools. It is not a general principle to me but rather a rhythm that suits me, without the noise and the dust created by the electric or pneumatic tools. It corresponds to my approach of direct size which consists, rather than to cut quickly a block to make it fit to a preestablished subject, in approaching slowly a form which I set up step by step.


Born in 1976, I discover sculpture in 2008 by buying, at random of a walk in a store of supplies for artists, a piece of clay. This discovery quickly transformed into an ardent passion, I continued by getting to the Terre et Feu workshop in Paris to learn the technics to work with clay.

It is there I had the opportunity to meet Dominique Rivaux who was teaching sculpture with a living model, I followed her course during 3 years. Quickly I was also interested by stone sculpture and I joined Dominique Rivaux's workshop in Malakoff. At the same time I discovered the work of Eugène N'Sonde on clay and I've decided to join his workshop situated in the Sentier area to deepen my knowledge of this material. I also followed training courses in molding, engraving, mixed techniques, etc. to widen my knowledge and my fields of expertise.

Since my beginnings I never stopped creating, browsing through subjects and materials with passion and happiness, letting my inspiration guide me to create a work which coherence asserts itself more and more over time.

Since 2012, I share my passion of volumes and stone by giving courses of direct cut sculpture in my workshop in Paris.

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