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Techniques - Stone

  1. The working environnement
  2. The tools
  3. The different types of stones
  4. The stages of a sculpture in direct cut technique
  5. References

Useful adresses in Paris

On Paris some specialized or non-specialized shops of fine arts propose materials and useful tools for the sculpture on stone. I mention them according to what seems to me to be an order of relevance for the work of the stone.

Joseph et fils
Joseph et fils

Joseph et fils

Supplies for the marble workers, the sculptors, the engravers and the stone-cutters.

65, Bld. de Ménilmontant - 75011 Paris


The specialist in supply of tools for the work of the stone, proposing quality tools, a wide choice and qualified sellers. Do not hesitate to ask advice from the sellers, to avoid awkward and expensive errors of judgement in the choice of your tools.

Tools are rather expensive to buy, but the quality justifies it and it is the only place in Paris where you will find a real choice in this domain.


Boesner Champigny
Boesner Champigny
Boesner Paris
Boesner Paris


Supplies for the fine arts, the art professions and the frame.

40, avenue du Général De Gaulle - 94500 Champigny

46, rue du Chemin Vert - 75011 Paris

The store in Champigny is the place to go to find stones without going to quarries, it is indeed the only place where you will find a real choice (not only than small soapstones of very variable quality). According to the deliveries (it's better to call up before to know what they are proposing), you can find some marble, alabaster, soapstone and other stones with various dimensions and weights.

Do not hesitate to join the newsletter on the website to receive information (too rare unfortunately) concerning the stones deliveries because the best stones are bought very fast (those who have reasonable dimensions and weight and not too many weaknesses...)! You will also find there numerous useful tools, as well as very useful bases for presentation ready to be painted. Do not hesitate to ask advice, in particular for the choice of stones.

The announcement of the opening of the store of Paris was a real good news, we can however regret the weakness of the sculpture shelf with few stones and a very limited range of tools. It is anyway a useful address because situated in Paris and you can still find useful tools when needed...

Le Géant des Beaux Arts Paris 13e
Le Géant des Beaux Arts Paris 13e
Le Géant des Beaux Arts Paris 11e
Le Géant des Beaux Arts Paris 11e

Le Géant des Beaux Arts

Material and supplies for the fine arts. Paint, calligraphy, sculpture and other creative leisure activities.

15 Rue Vergniaud - 75013 Paris

166 Rue de la Roquette - 75011 Paris

A useful store to help out thanks to its location in Paris and the diversity of the covered domains, it allows to combine purchases for stone with other purchases linked to other domains of creativity.

The sculpture shelf is honorable compared to the surface of the store and propose a large amount of tools.

I buy there the glue for soapstone (in case of accident), rifloirs of average quality (very useful not to use too fast the very good ones) and tools for wood I use to work on soft and fragile stones (alabaster and soapstone).

Rougier et Plé
Rougier et Plé

Rougier et Plé

Store for creative leisure activities, schools supplies and fine arts.

13-15, boulevard des Filles du Calvaire – 75003 Paris

Very limited (and expensive!) shelf for sculpture (in the basement of the store) but useful as a solution for emergencies.

On the other hand, there is always a small stock of soapstones, often rather beautiful although very expensive, which can be very useful.



Weber métaux Paris 3e
Weber métaux Paris 3e
Weber métaux Ivry
Weber métaux Ivry

Weber métaux

Distributes and sells to the individuals as to the professionals all sorts of metals, plastics and equipment.

9, Rue de Poitou – 75003 Paris

66, Rue de Turenne – 75003 Paris

34, Rue Maurice Gunsbourg – 94200 Ivry sur Seine

The main address for stalks, tubes, plates, etc. for the soclage, wether in metal or in Plexiglas.

A bit expensive but a very wide choice and in the center of Paris! The Ivry shop is much bigger and easier to reach by car.

To note also that for all the standard supplies you will probably find what you are looking for in the traditional DIY stores (BHV, Leroy Merlin or Castorama).

On-line stores and direct selling

Abrasifs Cornier outils pierre
Abrasifs Cornier outils pierre

Abrasifs Cornier outils pierre

The website the best to find tools for stone sculpture and cutting, you will find all the tools and a large choice of brands, whether you are a beginner or a professional.





The products of the Guillet brand are very known by sculptors and stone-cutters for their quality. The website allows you to get in touch with the representatives of the brand who are present throughout France.







Abrasifs France
Abrasifs France

Abrasifs France

Abrasives and equipment for the stone, the wood, the metal... A very furnished website.


Sculpture : Méthode et vocabulaire, Collectif, Collection Principes d'analyse scientifique, Editions du Patrimoine

Sculpture : Méthode et vocabulaire
Collection Principes d'analyse scientifique
Editions du Patrimoine

A reference book of about 800 pages on the techniques of sculpture, about modelling, molding or size. Without forgetting a very complete lexicon at the end of the book about the technical terms of sculpture. Essential!





La Sculpture - Toutes  Les Techniques, Philippe Clérin, Dessain et Tolra

La Sculpture - Toutes Les Techniques
Philippe Clérin
Dessain et Tolra

A work of very complete on the techniques of sculpture, about modelling, molding or size.






Sculpture in Stone, Cami et Santamera

Sculpture in Stone
Cami et Santamera
Barron's Educational Series

A practical guide to working in stone fully illustrated. It shows in a very understandable way how to use tools, wich steps to proceed and the different technics of stone sculpture.






Essai de Nomenclature  des Carrières Françaises de Roches, Le Mausolée

Essai de Nomenclature des Carrières Françaises de Roches
Le Mausolée

The only work to my knowledge which established an exhaustive list of stone extraction quarries in France, but attention this book is quite old and thus certain informations are not up to date (concerning the closures of careers in particular).






The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo, Irving Stone

The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo
Irving Stone
Reissue edition

An inspiring novel, full of passion and sculpture, about the life of Michelangelo. The reader shares this great artist's life and his passion for stone sculpture. My advice is to keep in reach an art book with Michelangelo's artworks to complete the novel.





Pietra viva, Léonor de Récondo, Sabine Wespieser

Pietra viva
Léonor de Récondo
Sabine Wespieser

Another novel on Michel Ange's life, this one centered on his love for the marble with the story of a stay in Carrare which forces him to plunge into his souvenirs.





Sites internet

Sculpture matières techniques

Sculpture matières techniques

Website dedicated to the sculpture under all its forms, an inexhaustible source of advice and discussions around the sculpture. All the materials, all the techniques and all the trends are approached.







Anatomy 4 sculptors

Anatomy 4 sculptors

Site dedicated to the anatomy for the sculptors proposing free informations, maybe a little basic, but useful and various, it would be a pity to go without it!

You will find boards on the various parts of human the body, as well as videos, 3D animations and photos of models.




Carrières de pierre

Carrières de pierre

List of the quarries of stones in France, in Belgium and in Spain.

Quarries are classified by region and by department in France. A special page also lists quarries of stone in Belgium and in Spain.





Carrières de pierre

Carrières de pierre

List of the quarries of stones in France.

Quarries are classified in different categories : Limestone, Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Schist and volcanic stones.






A large thank you to Dominique Rivaux who passed on to me the techniques of the work on the stone, and especially her passion for the material and the volumes. In her workshop I spent three wonderful years thanks to her kindness and her patience.

Thanks to Philippe André who welcomed me twice in his magnificent workshop of Chapelle de la Verrerie in Fougères to help me to understand and to put into practice the sculpture on very hard stones as well as the stone carving.



The stages of a sculpture in direct cut technique Read more: The stages of a sculpture in direct cut technique

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